The Synergy Triangle of Team Excellence: A Firsthand Experience with Justin Bergfeld

The Synergy Triangle of Team Excellence: A Firsthand Experience with Justin Bergfeld
Photo by 愚木混株 cdd20 / Unsplash

Our professional journey is often punctuated by critical moments and transformative influences. For me, a significant turning point came when I had the privilege of being part of Justin Bergfeld's team. Justin’s leadership wasn't just about strategy and objectives. It was about creating an environment of growth, collaboration, and ambition. His distinctive approach led me to conceptualize the Synergy Triangle of Team Excellence, a framework that has profound implications for how teams can excel.

The Synergy Triangle comprises three pivotal components: Culture, Leadership, and Development. Justin’s leadership epitomized these elements, and observing him in action was a masterclass in how these factors interact to create high-performing teams.

1. Culture: The Foundation Stone

In Justin’s team, culture was more than just a buzzword. It was palpable in every interaction.

Trust flourished: The team environment was one where we felt encouraged to voice our ideas, acknowledge our lapses, and depend on each other.

Morale soared: There was a prevalent sense of unity and purpose, propelling us forward.

Outcomes aligned: With a clear, shared vision, the team moved harmoniously, minimizing friction and maximizing results.

2. Leadership: The Guiding Beacon

Justin's leadership was a testament to the fact that genuine leadership goes beyond roles and titles.

Visionary thinking: Justin anticipated challenges and charted pathways that positioned us ahead of the curve.

Inspiration: He led passionately, setting an example that ignited our ambitions.

Decision-making prowess: Decisions weren’t autocratic. They were collaborative, harnessing the collective wisdom of the team.

3. Development: Fuel for the Future

Being part of Justin’s team was an evolving journey. He placed a premium on continuous growth and development.

Skill enhancement:We were always learning, ensuring we stayed abreast of industry developments.

Feedback loops: Feedback was regular, constructive, and aimed at fostering our growth.

Adaptability: Our team was adaptable, quickly responding to changes and challenges with agility.

In a one-on-one development conversation with Justin, as he prepared me for a leadership role, we crystallized these observations into what I now call the Synergy Triangle of Team Excellence. It was a moment of clarity, drawing from lived experiences to formulate a concept with broader applicability.

The Synergy: A Tribute to Cohesive Leadership

The true essence of the Synergy Triangle is the seamless interplay among Culture, Leadership, and Development. In Justin’s team, the culture nurtured leadership, leadership steered development, and constant development enriched the culture. It was a self-perpetuating cycle of excellence.

The Synergy Triangle of Team Excellence isn’t just a theoretical construct. For me, it's rooted in real experiences and valuable lessons from a leader who lived its principles. As I step into my leadership journey, I carry forward the invaluable insights from my time with Justin Bergfeld, eager to replicate and build upon the same synergies.